Report an Emergency – 209.946.3911 (63911 from University phones) 
University Emergency Website – During an emergency, this site will provide up-to-date information
Register for PacificCONNECT – Pacific’s emergency messaging system for students and employees

In the event hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials are spilled on or near the campus, these procedures should be followed:

  1. Be aware of any hazardous materials in your area and where the material is located.
  2. If any hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials are spilled, immediately notify Public Safety via any “Blue Light” emergency phone or by calling 6-9311 or 209.946.2537.
    • Inform Public Safety of the nature of the involved material (if known)
    • Location of the spill or affected area
  3. Identify any possible injuries of those who may be contaminated by the spill. Vacate the affected building/area immediately by pulling the fire alarm. Seal off area to prevent further contamination until the arrival of Public Safety and/or emergency personnel.
  4. Move to your assembly point and assist people with disabilities to safety.
  5. Anyone contaminated by the spill should avoid contact with others as much as possible and remain in the vicinity to give one’s name and information to Public Safety.
  6. Provide first aid and/or CPR if you are trained to do so while being cautious of possible additional contamination of others.
  7. Clean up will start immediately by authorized personnel who have proper equipment and training.
  8. Do not return to an evacuated building unless authorized by Public Safety.